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About Us

Power Everywhere Everyday

SONLITE SOLAR is a one-stop-shop for all your Solar Power needs. Our services cover microgrid systems, Backup power systems, solar irrigation systems, solar heating systems, home solar systems and even complex industrially and agricultural requirements.


Our Story

With over 15 years experience in commissioning solar systems, our customer are assured not only of world class services, but implementation advice, scalable installation, durable equipment as well as exceptional support.


In Malawi, as is the case in other parts of Africa, the national grid electricity is unreliable and for the most part completely unavailable. Reasons range from inadequate grid supply leading to load shedding and remoteness to grid supply, financing among others.

Over the last two decades, advancements in Solar technology have grown to a level where solar energy can fully substitute the national grid in all situations requiring electricity. In the face of this advancement, the inherent advantages of solar such as portability, one off investments, cheaper in the long terms and good for mother earth, still remain true today.


To become the leader in designing, supply, installation and consultancy of renewable energy technologies.



Providing affordable, sustainable and cleaner energy solutions for all.


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